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Accident Reports on Line

In an effort to improve the processing and delivery of Accident Reports, the Island Lake Police Department has contracted with LexisNexis to manage and distribute its reports via the Internet.

Going forward, the Island Lake Police Department will be extending their services for Accident Reports with the convenience of obtaining them online. To obtain a copy of an accident report, please go to ecrash.lexisnexis.com to register for an account.

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Island Lake Police Department

Contact for Non Emergency

Police Department

Phone Number: (847) 526-2100
Fax: (847) 526-1033

If you call after hours regarding parking your car on the street, or for any other police matters, do not call the Village Hall phone number.
Dial non emergency police: 847-526-2100 x 0

In an emergency call 911

Police Department Mission Statement

Chief Don Bero

The Island Lake Police Department stands together as compassionate, courteous and patient individuals without favoritism or prejudice for the constitutional rights of others.

We aspire continuously to always be professionals; calm and restrained in the face of violence and to only apply force which is necessary to accomplish our lawful duty.

Our common goals of integrity, pride and honesty within the department and the community is to unify and maintain order to accomplish the highest standards of living.

The Police Department promotes, preserves and delivers a feeling of security, safety and quality of services to our residents, visitors and every individual to come within contact of the Village of Island Lake.

Officer Wayne Schnell Appointed

I am excited to be back at work as a Police Officer in Island Lake. The new Administration has received concerns from the residents that many non-traffic codes are not being properly enforced. These concerns have prompted the reinstatement of Code Enforcement Officer. I have been assigned to this position and the decals have been applied to an older police vehicle. As a police officer, I will be an extra set of eyes and ears in regard to public safety. My enforcement will be administered fairly and the generation of revenue will not be influenced by my enforcement. Compliance with the codes itself will surely benefit all in the Village. I will be receiving many complaints regarding a neighbor’s home and I will work to find solutions and keep peace within the community.

I attended a Lake Committee meeting with Chief Bero and learned that they have received many complaints regarding the display of Village stickers on boats, excessive speed and other unsafe operations on the lake. I have accepted the task of marine patrol with emphasis on safety and compliance of the codes. A police boat which has been neglected for a few years is once again made seaworthy.
So whether you see me in my car or on the lake, please don’t hesitate to wave me over if you have any questions. I will also be available to take any verbal or written complaints that you may have, please leave a message for me at the Village Hall.
Enjoy the summer and please be safe.

Wayne Schnell
Code Enforcement Officer
Island Lake, Illinois
847-526-8765 ext. 102